Pretties For You

easy Action

Love it To death


School's Out

Billion $ Babies

Muscle of Love

Alice Cooper's greatest hits

Welcome To My Nightmare

Alice Cooper Goes To Hell

Lace & Whiskey

The Alice Cooper Show

From The Inside

Flush the fashion

Special Forces

Zipper catches Skin



Raise Your Fist And yell


Hey Stoopid

The Last Temptation


A Fistful of Alice  

The Life and Crimes


Brutal Planet


Mascara and Monsters


Billion Dollar Babies (reissue)






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AFOA * WTMN * TRASH * CARNIVAL* Brutal Planet * Dragontown

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- Neal - Alice - Glen - Dennis - Mike -

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Crazy anagrams:

Alice Cooper - Dennis Dunaway - Glen Buxton - Mike Bruce - Neal Smith - Brian Nelson


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