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Billion Dollar Drummer

'The Platinum God'

'The Platinum God' was the title of Neal's unreleased solo album from around 1975. Billy Sheehan [David Lee Roth, Mr Big] was slated to play for Neal Smith's solo project that he was planning around 74/75. Smith had seen him play in Talas and was pretty blown away. (Renfield, October 1995) "I would only release the "Platinum God" tapes if they were re-recorded. The album was only half completed in the studio, so it was never finished although all of the songs were written. Also I was unhappy with Jack Douglas's production, but there were a few great moments. ... Maybe one day I will decide to complete the LP." (Neal Smith, 1998)

Neal Smith

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1979 The Flying Tigers - Live at the Baranby's Club(Bootleg) feat. Dunnaway & Smith. Also David Stackman - lead guitar and Paul Roy (deceased) -rhythm guitar and sang nearly all of the songs. Neal would always sing "Rock'N'Roll Radio" (from the Battle Axe album. Neal was in the Neal Smith Band first---I'm not sure about exactly when that band formed--but they played club dates in Connecticut in 1978 (such as Toad's Place in New Haven and The Apple in Milford),,,,then Dennis joined in the Fall of 1978 and the new band was named the Flying Tigers...they performed for a couple of years or so. I attended many shows of both the Neal Smith Band and the Flying Tigers at numerous Connecticut clubs during those years. THE SHOWS WERE AWESOME. Cooper songs performed included "I'm 18", "Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)" and "Under My Wheels". The Flying Tigers had several incredibly good original songs. Neal's drumming during those years was nothing less than SPECTACULAR...his drum solos during "I'm 18" were mind-blowing...I still have a broken drum stick from one of those drum solos. Dennis was great also, and very friendly to talk with during breaks at the shows. The chemistry onstage between Neal and Dennis was always fun to watch. It really seemed that they enjoyed themselves at these gigs quite a bit. My friend and I would often sit and dance with Cindy Dunaway and Babette Smith at these club shows. (Sickthing Ray Ieronimo, August 1999)

The Present Neal currently has a thriving real estate company in Westport, CT. You can check out his own page at He also recently played on an album by Antbee. On October 10th 1997, Neal joined with Mike Bruce and Glen Buxton to perform together for the first time in over twenty years. They performed a selection of AC songs at the Area 51 club in Houston Texas.


Neal Smtih drummer for the Alice Cooper group Born  September 23, 1947 in Akron Ohio Neal Smtih - The Platignum God
Height 6ft three inches
Hair Blonde
Eyes  Blue
Fav Singer Shirley Drumsey
Fav Actor/Actress Sean Connery and Paula Prentiss
Fav colour Red, Gold and Black
Fav Food Anythin Mexican
Occupation Singer/ Songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Drummer
Years Active Early 60's to present day!
Genre Rock
Family Parents: Walter and June,  Sister Cindy.

Dennis is married to Neal Smith's Sister, Cindy, who in the early days of the band, designed the onstage costumes.

Marital Status Was married to Babette
Hobbies Collecting antiques and war relics
       Neal is a member of: Deadringer The Billion Dollar Babies
       And has worked with : Dick Wagner Bob Ezrin Neal Smith Mike Bruce Glen Buxton Buck Dharma Bruce Cameron Jack Richardson Mick Mashbir Reggie Vincent Donovan Deadringer   Dave Libert Ant-Bee Brian Christian
       And has appeared on these albums:


Album Title


    Shot of Neal from the Killer Tour book  Ant-Bee Lunar Muzik (1997) Drums  
Buck Dharma Flat Out (1982) Drums
Deadringer  Electrocution of the Heart (1989) Drums, Vocals (bckgr)  
Plasmatics Beyond The Valley of 1984  Drums
The Billion Dollar Babies  Battle Axe (1977) Drums 
Bruce Cameron  Midnight Daydream (1999) Drums (snare)
Various Artists Caribbean Collection, Vol. 1 (1996) Guitar
Alice Cooper Pretties for You (1969) Drums, Vocals  
Alice Cooper Easy Action (1970) Drums 
Alice Cooper Love It to Death (1971) Drums 
Alice Cooper Killer (1971) Drums  
Alice Cooper School's Out (1972) Drums  
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies (1973) Drums  
Alice Cooper Muscle of Love (1973) Drums  
Alice Cooper Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits (1974) Drums  
Alice Cooper Four Tracks from Alice Cooper (1977) Drums 
          Neals' songs appear on the following:
      Artist Album Title/Year Track Name
  Anthrax  Fistful of Metal 1984 I'm Eighteen  
Cooper, Alice  Appears on 9 albums: (see above) see above


Eyescream is a new band put together by Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, with Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult fame. The bands name will probably change.

A cd was recorded at Millbrook Studio's in New York state with Paul Orofino producing. It should be out sometime in June/July 2001. The boys want to play some selected dates during the summer.

An early report from FrightVision in Cleveland (April 2001). EyeScream played tonight and did 5 songs from their new CD (Dennis said they tried to have it done for the show, but the mastering isn't complete. They did play a rough copy at their table.) The songs in order were 'Having the Time Of Our Live', 'I Want You', 'Carnival Toy', 'Bad Girl' (Blue Turk style bass line) and the killer new song 'Vampire Night' (this one should get some airplay!) 'Vampire Night' features lyrics by Dennis, and they said this one was done after the initial songs, when they realized they still had studio time. Anyway, after those songs came 'Don't Fear The Reaper', then a guitar solo by Ingo, who joined EyeScream on stage.
They then played 'Under My Wheels', 'Be My Lover', '18' with a harmonica player, and encore of 'School's Out'. There was a good crowd on hand. Dennis played the green "Frog" bass, which is going on loan to the Rock Hall of Fame after tonight's show. Michael Bruce was also with the guys at the convention, but did not play at the show.
(Mark Brown, April 2001)

"I thought I would give a few more details on the Smith/Dunaway/Bouchard/Bruce appearance at Fright Vision in Cleveland. The guys were set up at a table in one of the main rooms, which also had other horror movie and music stuff for sale. Neal had with him many of his mouse pads and T-shirts for sale and Cd's, Dennis had photos for sale, Joe Bouchard had Cd's for sale, and Michael had Cd's and books for sale. I spent a lot of time talking to Neal and Dennis, especially Dennis. He let many people, including myself, actually hold and play the famous green "Frog" bass, the one with all of the mirrors and glitter glued on. He is loaning it for display to the Rock Hall of Fame, as I mentioned, and this weekend is the last time he will use it before display. I asked about the EyeScream project, and Dennis said they had hoped to have it done to sell at the convention, but it was still being mastered. As I mentioned in my review of their set, Dennis said they were done with the batch of songs they had intended for the CD. They then realized they had studio time left, so they decided to write more songs. Joe Bouchard suggested a riff they had been working on, and Dennis said he didn't remember it, but Neal had a cassette he had made of their rehearsal. This is the song that became "VAMPIRE NIGHT", which was my favourite song of the set last night. Dennis wrote the lyrics and Joe Bouchard wrote the melody. They also played the rough copy of the Cd at their table, but I only caught bits and pieces in between the conversation. At one point, a local TV host, the legendary Ghoul stopped by. He has an assistant wearing a frog head, so of course the "Frog" bass was strapped on and photos and video made. I will try to catch it on local TV."
(Mark Brown, April 2001)



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