Because From The Album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band





Track listing for the album:

Song Performed by
1. The long and winding road                        Peter Frampton
2. A day in the life            The Bee Gees
3. Golden Slumbers                     Peter Frampton
4. Carry that weight                   The Bee Gees
5. Got to get you into my life    Earth, Wind and Fire
6. Nowhere man                    The Bee Gees
7. Maxwell's silver hammer      Steve Martin
8. Get back                              Billy Preston
9. Polythene Pam                               The Bee Gees
10. Oh! Darling                                         Robin Gibb
11. Because                                      Alice Cooper and The Bee Gees
12. Fixing a hole                           George Burns
13. She came in through the bathroom window                             The Bee Gees, P Frampton
14. Sgt Peppers (reprise)          The Bee Gees, P Frampton
16. Getting Better  The Bee Gees, P Frampton
17. With a little help from my friends The Bee Gees, P Frampton
18. Come together Aerosmith
19. Being for the benefit of Mr Kite The Bee Gees, M Gibb, P Frampton, George Burns
20. Here comes the sun Sandy Farina
21. Sgt Peppers The Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas
22. Good Morning Good Morning The Bee Gees, P Nicholas, P Frampton
23. I Want You ( she's so heavy) The Bee Gees, Donald Pleasance, Dianne Steinberg, Stargard, P Nicholas
24. Mean Mr Mustard Frankie Howard
25. She's Leaving Home The Bee Gees, Jay Mac Intosh, John Wheeler
26. Lucy In The Sky Dianne Steinberg, Stargard
27. Strawberry Fields Forever Sandy Farina
28. You Never Give Me Your Money Paul Nicholas, Dianne Steinberg
29. When I'm Sixty Four Frankie Howard, Sandy Farina



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